Your Bridge to Canadian Talent

Bridgewater Talent Integration helps you seamlessly employ Canadian talent.
No Red Tape. No Work Visas. No Legal Entity Required.

Ask about our Canadian Employer of Record and PEO services.

Worry-free employment of Canadians

Our talent integration team will expertly handle every detail and advise you on Canadian laws and best practices for everything from offers, to contracts, to payroll and benefits, and offboarding. We have province-specific employment contracts and stay on top of evolving employment and taxation laws - so you don’t have to.

Speed Time to Market

Whether you need to build a team in Canada or the perfect candidate just happens to live here – Bridgewater TI can bring remote talent onboard in as little as 1 day. We help you attract strong candidates with a full-time permanent role in Canada, while avoiding the costs and hassle of visas, relocation or creating a local entity.

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A Bridge to Canadian Talent

With 2.8 million STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics) graduates and world-renowned universities graduating 2500 Computer Science students every year, you will find the in-demand skills and experience you need in Canada.

Plus, Canadians can seamlessly blend into your organization and culture. All without having to navigate the complex maze of Canadian employment and taxation regulations.

What we Do


Certified experts ensure payments are accurate and on-time, every time.


Attractive health, life & disability insurance and retirement savings benefit packages.

HR Compliance

We navigate province-specific laws and compliance and help you avoid surprises.

Get the Ultimate Guide to Canadian Employer of Record Services

Learn how an Employer of Record (EOR) makes it easy to integrate Canadian talent into your organization. Our comprehensive guide covers everything you need to know about what an EOR does, how you work with them and questions you should ask when choosing an EOR.
The EOR Employment Relationship

Want to Work Remotely in Canada?

Are you working in the US or abroad and want to return to Canada?

If you love your job, talk to your employer about working with Bridgewater TI. By using an Employer of Record, you stay in a job you love with minimal cost and hassle for you or your employer.