Clients pay a percentage of gross payroll on each invoice for our services. Additional services like background checks, salary benchmarking or HR advice are also available for an additional fee. Once we understand your needs, we will provide a proposal with specific costs but many clients, especially those in the US, find it cheaper and easier than setting up a local entity or relocating talent.

You provide the day to day direction, deadlines and resources, as well as any training required to make your employee an integrated and productive member of your organization. Bridgewater TI works diligently behind the scenes and we are always available to answer questions but have minimal impact on daily life of employees, so they feel like any other member of your team.

An Employer of Record (EOR) is a bridge between employers and employees, making it possible to employ talent in countries where clients do not have a legal entity. Once talent is identified, an EOR can create an offer, manage HR, payroll and benefits administration and ensure compliance with employment and taxation laws. A PEO typically provides only payroll services and focuses on companies who have a legal entity in Canada. When looking for an EOR or PEO in Canada, make sure that they have province-specific employee contracts and understand the HR and payroll requirements for any region you plan to hire to avoid legal or financial surprises down the road.

Although Canada has a public health system, employers typically provide benefits that cover extended health services (physiotherapy, naturopath, chiropractic etc.), prescriptions, dental, vision, life and disability insurance.

Canada encourages retirement savings through a registered retirement savings plan (RRSP). When RRSPs are provided by the employer or EOR, individuals contribute a percentage of their income from each pay cheque and employers match that contribution, up to a maximum percentage or amount. As a Canadian Employer of Record, Bridgewater TI provides a selection of RRSP investment options and recommends that contributions are matched up to 5% of an employee’s annual salary. 


Bridgewater TI is not a recruiting agency but once you’ve found the perfect candidate from the large pool of skilled and experienced workforce in Canada, we can help you seal the deal with a strong offer and province-specific support from our team of talent integration specialists.